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Lumigraph – Nautically Inclined

Comfortably one of the most promising new labels around, Opal Tapes have released a flurry of genre-defying, off-kilter releases from young electronic producers like perennial favourite Huerco S., IVVVO, Basic House and MCMXCI since the second half of 2012. One of their newest offerings, however, the almost totally unknown Lumigraph’s ‘Nautically Inclined’, has raised the bar even higher, securing their place on the ‘Must Listen To Everything They Release As Soon As Fucking Possible’ list.

If you’re going to listen to one track off the album, we’d probably recommend ‘Wavewatcher’. This standout track sums up Lumigraph’s approach – taking a hefty rhythm, vaguely recognisable from an established electronic style (in this instance nasty, industrial techno), treating it with crackles, crunches, distortions and decays, building it and dropping it at un-dance-friendly points and smushing everything around until your head spins and your stomach turns. Techno is the driving force of the album, but deep house and dub are also covered with the same kind of worn-out hyper-hypnagogic splurge across the other ten tracks, as it flits effortlessly yet listlessly from one mood to the next. Lurid, invasive and relentlessly affective, ‘Nautically Inclined’ is an album of stunning creative prowess and immense originality. In short, it’s fucking awesome.

Stream in full right here:

Image is a still from a Lumigraph performance by Oskar Fischinger. You can read more about the history of live abstract light shows – including Marcel Duchamp’s Rotorelief – here and watch a film of one of Fischinger’s performances below.

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