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It seems the post-SXSW release glut shows no sign of abating and that’s reflected in the embarrassment of riches in this week’s Soundcloud set. The past two weeks have yielded some of our favourite songs of the year so far, including Jenny Hval’s stunning ode to spring, ‘Mephisto in the Water’ and the triumphant return of Border Community boss James Holden with ‘Feral’. Add to that hyperactive new offerings from Flying Lotus and Dan Deacon, brutalist techno from Paula Temple and another striking offering from Andy Stott collaborator Miles, and you have a pretty great start to the weekend.

The week has also laid on a smorgasbord of visual treats, ranging in style from the abstract to the hyper-real and in effect from the soporific to the epilepsy-inducing. Ex-Silver Mt Zion cellist Rebecca Foon’s dreamy descent into pools of swirling pigment with new project Saltland and Ashley Paul’s atonal and abstract sound-and-light-play start us off in a reflective, somnambulant mood. This is soon to be cast into disarray though by Gobby’s bizarre gonzo ugliness, The Cyclist’s riot of Matisse and Basquiat-infused 80s tropicalism and DJ Clap’s yoghurt and sequin amphetamine overdose – right on time for Friday.

Image is by Victo Ngai.

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