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Found Fridays

Seeing as we had a week off last week (a pointless pseudo-protest against the music industry’s disappearance to a small corner of Texas ) this week’s FF is what you might call a bumper edition. In honour of this, words are going to be kept to a minimum.

First up, our usual mix of all things found on Soundcloud. It’s a pretty mixed bag this week, with pulsing offerings from DJ Koze and The Sight Below sitting alongside a track from Bedroom Collective viola player Nadia Serota’s new album, a mind bending synth and drum odyssey from former Emerald John Elliott and a new cut from Modern Love stalwarts Demdike Stare. Which dykes, where? Demdike Stare.

Like a most people, we were obsessed with Channel 4’s Utopia. Aside from the amazing script and performances it arrested the eyes and the ears more than anything has on British TV for an age. Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s soundtrack played a huge part in the show’s success and listening to a selection of the tracks in isolation is an incredibly transportative experience.

Next up, a couple of tracks that can be filed in a probably fairly empty folder marked ‘pastoral drone’. Patient Sounds main man Matthew Sage and guitarist Daniel Bachman’s collaboration came about after Bachman played a show in Fort Collins- Sage’s home town. The next morning they sat down and improvised these two meditative, countrified tracks that evoke the southern plains of America and the ethereal darkness of space in one fell, beautiful swoop. (via AdHoc)

And finally, having featured two new videos this week, it gives us great pleasure to be able to post the new Petrels album in full below. Enough words about its greatness¬†have already been spilled on these pages, so all we’ll say is, find a decent set of speakers or headphones and give it an hour of your time. You won’t be disappointed.

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