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Found Fridays


Welcome to Found Fridays-a new segment which gives us the chance to post some of the things we’ve stumbled across in the week but haven’t had time to write about. You get more stuff, we save time. Everyone wins.

First up, here’s a set we’ve cobbled together featuring the fruits of our trawls through Soundcloud this week. There’s new tracks from Kassem Mosse, Max Dunbar and Isolée, a sneak peek of a new Evenings remix and the debut cut from Liberation Technologies’ new signing, Bandshell.

Next, we’ve been on a bit of a Sight Below kick this week. Ghostly International recently posted an old KPEX radio set of his that’s a half hour masterclass in industrial haze and ambient techno. Sadly we can’t embed the set, so follow the link to pick it up. In addition, the man himself made a Valentine’s Day set for Polarlichter on mixcloud this week which, while not exactly filled with the kind of material you’d find filed under ‘slow jamz’, delivers an hour’s worth of blissful drone and shoegaze from the likes of Popol Vuh, The Caretaker and Belong. Listen here.

Flimsily segueing into darker territory, a new Barn Owl album was announced this week, news that’s always welcome, particularly when the first taste of it is called Void Redux. They’ve added an electronic element to their formidable battery of guitars, with predictably hypnotic results.

And finally here’s a bit of feline whimsy to help ease you into the weekend, because 4-6 on a Friday is all about watching cat videos, right? Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Jason Willis’ tongue-in-cheek hommage to 1960s drug awareness announcements dishes the dirt on that most noxious of narcotics: catnip.

Photo is by Harry Gruyaert

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