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High Places – Sonora

We wanted to post something for High Places’ brilliant new album Original Colors when it was first released back in September but unfortunately there wasn’t really that much knocking about for it and the only album stream had been privately uploaded (damn you!). Thankfully Keith Musil has given cause to buck that trend and put together a fantastically bat-shit vid for their track Sonora. Its Popeye-influenced take on DIY body horror and Drive-esque levels of ultra violence is totally incongruous with the sound (a cross between Lykke Li style dream-glam pop, Macarena-era 90s chart house and psyched out hippy-dub à la Peaking Lights) but what’s creativity if not an amalgamation of juxtaposing elements to generate as yet felt emotions and as yet understood thought processes? That’s not rhetorical by the way. I actually want you to answer it. Go on. What is it?

We also just found this video, which we think is quite nice too.

If you like what you hear then nip over to Thrill Jockey to stream the album in full and, if you’re feeling flush, buy it too.

The above image is taken from High Places’ own blog.

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