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Planetary Assault Systems – The Messenger

There’s a shit lot of stuff on in town tonight. An unfortunately huge amount of stuff on, in fact. Maybe it would have been a good idea if all the promoters could have got together at some kind of nice conference thing with free tea and coffee and biscuits out of a big blue tin (Fox’s, natch) and discussed the best weekends for them to all put on their nights, rather than just playing promotion darts with the calendar and all getting double tops in the same go. Not that any of them have done a bad job; please don’t get me wrong. Just that they’ve all done very good jobs at exactly the same time. And it means I can’t go to all of them. Sad face.

To not give particular preference to any of them I’ve decided to list them all and embed a track that has nothing to do with any of them. This may seem irritatingly evasive but I’d prefer to think it should help generate further exploration and a democratic cultural process. Which is a really great thing.

So, here’s the new album from Ostgut Ton’s Planetary Assault Systems. It’s three quarters of an hour of some of the best shifting phases, industrial thuds, malfunctioning displays and bare-boned minimal techno you’re ever likely to hear. Hello weekend.

And as for what’s on, here’s our round-up of the best…

Nail The Cross

Two nights at The Shacklewell Arms put on by the good people over at No Pain In Pop, featuring a stellar line-up that includes Pariah, Nite Jewel, D/R/U/G/S, Sex Worker, Miracle, Echo Lake, Patten, Doldrums, Halls and Holy Strays, as well as assorted DJ sets from the promoters and their friends. Phewph.

Blackest Ever Black

One of the most impressive labels around at the moment (and a huge personal fave) are putting on a showcase night at Baring House, steeping it in deep, dark, gothic dance music. It’s the new black.

Qu Junktions with Magic + Dreams

The pairing of abrasive analogue wizard Ekoplekz and trombonist Bass Clef, Ekoclef, heads the bill at Café Oto tonight, with Pipe Dreams and Some Truths in support.

Upset The Rhythm

The awesome Lucky Dragons will be playing at Space on Mare St, supported by Flamingods.

Oh, and there’s also the Carl Barat DJ set at the Barfly in Camden. ‘LOL’

Image is by Fredrik Söderberg.

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