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Chelsea Wolfe – Mer

Chelsea Wolfe’s stunning debut album, Ἀποκάλυψις (that’s Apokalypsis to the fools among you who don’t have a basic grasp of ancient Greek) has been on heavy rotation of late – it’s a dark, unsettling and labyrinthine record, qualities that are echoed in the new video for lead single, Mer. The imagery takes its cue from the song’s title, with shrouded shots of a parlous seascape bookending sequences of cultish rituals, fire, serpents and idolatry. Check the video below as well as a few other treats swiped from the ever-excellent Pendu Sound website.

I Let Love In (Nick Cave cover)

Image is a Seascape by Gerhard Richter, whose work is currently being exhibited at the Tate Modern.

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