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RxRy – Alpha

Considering how much RxRy have released over the last 18 months very little seems to be known about them. Actually, scrap that. Even if they’d only released one track (and by released I mean recorded it onto gramophone-only vinyl and buried it in the back yard) very little would be proportionately known about them. Or him, I should say. Or maybe even her. Because no one seems to know who these people or this person are or is. And it all makes the grammar of writing about them/him/her/it rather complicated. So I’ll stop.

Suffice it to say, this music is good. It’d fit well on Warp or Ghostly, what with its complex, flickering, algorithmically programmed beats. However, despite the quality and efficacy of the beat-making, it’s not the richest element. Instead it’s the soft cloaks and veils of drones and semi-melodies that swirl around the beats and seem to swallow them up, almost turning them into another layer of the ambience itself, that are the real selling point. It’s beautifully rendered and works as ideal falling asleep as the sun comes up music. And we like it a lot.

They’ve got a new album out – Alpha – that you can purchase by following this here link. If you’d like to know more about them first though, why not check out this short selection of videos and set of remixes from their previous LP.

Image is by Eileen Quinlan.

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