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Public Information Records

In a sort of follow-up to our last post, here’s another mini label focus – this time on Public Information, a small British label set up by two people, one associated with Warp, the other with the British Library Public Archives. Despite this sounding like a slightly incongruous combination it actually works pretty much perfectly, blending the progressive, beat-driven electronics of the Warp mentality with the retrospective esotericism of the fervent archivist. The whole thing’s shrouded in a dusty mysticism too, with elliptical press releases and videos like the one below as the sole piece of information in their About section. Granted though, it does speak certain volumes…

The first of their releases comes from one half of Chicago’s awesome electro juggernauts Gatekeeper, Aaron David Ross, who goes here by the moniker ADR. The 80s is still a firm reference point for this new album – taking major influences from the evocative synth works of G-Funk, sci-fi soundscapes and Giallo nightmares – although the aesthetic is far more insular. Check it in full here.

The second, from Vancouver’s No UFO’s, is much more cautious of wearing its influences on its sleeve. It’s a rich, dense, sometimes impenetrable sound of heady drones and sparse fuzz, of churning analogues and wailing psychedelics, of bubbling cauldrons and barren mountains. And it is good.

If you like what you hear, please support them by pledging your funds and submitting your details here.

Image is by Michael Wolf.

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