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Magazine is probably one of the freshest, most exciting labels around at the moment. Barely a year old and with only four releases under its belt, this Cologne-based outfit, set up to release tracks made by the organisers and their friends, has nonetheless caused quite a stir with its taut and precise yet richly complex output. From Kaftwerk-esque synth odysseys, via Krautrock-influenced drum megaliths and gracefully skittering electronics, right on through to deep house and hardened techno, it wears its rhenish heart on its sleeve. Unsurprisingly, the greatest export from the region, Kompakt, has a guiding hand in the label’s success – distributing their releases for them – and we’re incredibly glad they’ve helped out as they did.

To give over a feel of what the Magazine gang are all about, here’s a selection of tracks from their Soundcloud (well, all the tracks from their Soundcloud, truth be told). And if you’re as much of a fan as we are, you can pick up hard copies of these tracks and more here.

If you want to delve into their world even further, you can also download a mix that Cologne Tape put together for Dummy (hats off chaps) here.

Image is by Lisa Geue. Check out her Tumblr here.

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