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Roll The Dice – In Dust

The new album from Swedish duo Roll the Dice is really quite stunning; an epic journey through a vast industrial dystopia, created purely with analogue equipment that seems analogous to the beating heart of the world it describes. It’s bold, stark and, although purely instrumental, forms a rich narrative arc that conjures a vivid, emotive world replete with rattling chains, churning gears, dripping oil and the rhythmic thud of an eager yet desolate enterprise. Unsurprisingly, one of the two composers scores music for film and television, and the strong vein of storytelling that the album conveys seems well suited to accompanying something like Metropolis, Blade Runner or 1984. Fingers crossed a collaboration will be imminent: we’d really love to see that film.

To quell our impatience for that project, the good people at God Don’t Like It have thankfully scheduled them in to play at Cafe OTO (the only place we ever seem to bloody talk about!) tomorrow, the 20th of September. Should be a pretty great night.

To get you in the mood, here’s their awesome album – available to stream in full.

Image is by László Moholy-Nagy, many of whose best pieces you can currently see at the fantastic exhibition of Hungarian photography, currently showing at the Royal Academy of the Arts.

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