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Paul Clipson

For those that weren’t at the Jefre Cantu-Ledesma gig at Café Oto last night, please forgive us for what must seem like a slightly obtuse opening gambit. But bear with us; it’ll definitely be worth it.

Last night, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s gig at Café Oto (I suppose you’ve figured that bit out already) was accompanied by the Super 8 projections of Paul Clipson. Or, more accurately – in my mind at least – Paul Clipson’s Super 8 projections were accompanied by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. He showed some of the most beautifully captured fragments of film that I think I’ve ever seen, all flowing in and out, penetrating deep within, floating on top and swimming around each other in what seemed perfect, serendipitous harmony with the engulfing music. Images ranging from the stark, geometric angles of industrial cityscapes to undulating, amorphous patterns to silhouettes of trees and fences and ghostly apparitions of colourful faces all moving and shifting incessantly with a gurgling, immersive fluidity. The subject – light – was utterly singular, but its treatment through texture, rhythm and pattern was phenomenally complex and it recalled so many of the most powerful and moving video art that’s ever been created (László Moholy-Nagy, Bruce Nauman, Len Lye, William Klein, Kenneth Anger, Fernand Léger – to name a few) whilst being in itself something totally new and, quite literally at some points, jaw-droppingly breathtaking (I think I may have even dribbled).

Unfortunately the excerpts provided below, as stated above, only provide a suggestion of last night’s events. But hopefully some of the effect might rub off and a few people, somewhere, will be persuaded to catch him next time he shows his work. If so, we will see you there.

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