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Hubble – Hubble Drums

If you know Zs then you may well be aware of Ben Greenberg, the man who plays guitar in that band. However, you may very well not be aware of him. If that’s the case then it’s probably high time you raised your awareness of him to ‘aware’, because he’s about to release a solo album on Northern Spy Records, under the guise of Hubble.

Described by its creator as ‘Cyber-dread’, Hubble fits a lot of current stylistic tropes and moulds them into something really quite epic. A heady broth of staccato guitars, similar in timbre to early Battles EPs, forms the textural basis of the sound. Wailing psych improv and swathes of stellar chords float over this, forming something akin to Mark McGuire’s sound, but with a heavier, nastier feel. And just wait for the drums…

With most tracks around ten minutes and some extending to the 25 minute mark it wears its prog heart proudly on its sleeve. But when it’s as rich, dense and fucking heavy as this, it really can’t be a bad thing.

Check out a track from his upcoming album Hubble Drums (available November 8th, pre-order here), as well as a few other choice cuts, below.

Image is from some Leif Podhajsky’s Tumblr, Visual Melt. Which is really great.

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