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Evenings – Lately

Some months back, when these pages were in their infancy and I wasn’t particularly aware of how easy it was for artists to find what was written about them, I did a piece about Evenings’ North Dorm EP. It was a glowing review in some senses but was, perhaps, slightly disparaging about the songs’ titles, and the ensuing guilt I felt when Nathan Broaddus found the article was unpleasant to say the least. So, by way of penance (and because I think it’s pretty great), here are some thoughts on his new album, bereft of even the faintest sniff of cynicism.

In many ways Lately picks up from where North Dorm left off;  Genève sees a simple motif teased lazily along before gradually being surrounded by a gentle babble of clicks and blips. Like its predecessor it’s reflective and emotive, allowing the listener to drift in and out of its wake. Allied to the consolidation of his sound, Broaddus has upped his game, adding moments of urgency that pierce the album’s naturally somnabulant state. Softly We Go drifts serenely on a cloud of murmured beats and gently picked muted guitar for a full six minutes before being shaken awake by a restlessly percussive coda, while Lees’s urgent clip and stop-start vocal samples recall Mount Kimbie’s Maybes.

All in all, the album’s a pretty edifying listen, and one which I can now enjoy without a single twinge of guilt. Aaah.

Collage is by Genadii Berёzkin

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