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Omar S – High School Graffiti

Possibly one of my favourite moments of this year was at the Animal Collective-curated ATP festival back in May. The first two days seemed to sweep past in a maelstrom of bright lights, penetrative noise, intense consumption and repeatedly losing everyone I was with – basically a bit of a heady blur. But then near the end of the second night something cleared; the fog lifted, the waves parted and the way ahead was revealed to me in all its glittering glory. The stunning simplicity of Omar S’ particular brand of Detroit House came as an absolutely perfect mini-antidote to the excesses of what had gone before, and the hour spent dancing with all my mates in a room with sticky carpets, usually dedicated to Chesney Hawkes and Bon Jovi, was a particularly fine moment indeed. I also got to meet Liz Harris, aka Grouper, which was great (love you Liz!).

Now, thanks to the lovely chaps at Scion Audio, you can partake in some of my remembered merriment too. All for the modest sum of zero pounds and zero pence. That’s right, it’s free!


Image is a sculptural installation by John Isaacs. JFGH.

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