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Petrels – All Things In Common

We first covered Oli Barrett’s solo project Petrels back in February, when he released the immensely beautiful Haeligewielle LP. It’s been a firm favourite of ours ever since; provoking a plethora of emotional states and lending itself to myriad re-discoveries and interpretations. It’s obviously great news, then, that he’s got a new tape coming out soon on the awesome Patient Sounds.

The first side covers similar territory to Haeligewielle, combining a mired murkiness of electronic effects-sludge with hallowed, soaring strings to create something sublime, almost tangible. Side B sees him in a lighter mood, building a sweet little beat over looped marimbas and then chucking in his trademark strings to end on a massive high. It’s a great 20 minutes and the broadening of his scope should be a sign of even greater things to come.

The cassette will be available from August 8th. Check it out first though below.

If you like what you hear too, make sure you get yourself down to Cafe Oto on August 14th where he’ll be playing live, along with Trouble books and Outshine Family. Should be a great night.

Image is by Lukasz Wierzbowski.

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