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Since we covered Sanstro Xtro’s Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain back in February it appears that the folks at Digitalis have been busy. The last few months have seen Brad Rose’s Tulsa-based stable positively brim with beautifully textured, subtly enveloping releases, and there’s not been a dud amongst them. It’s fair to say that if the label were a tortured metaphor, it would be a cup literally overflowing with sonic treats. Anyhow, rather than cover each album individually like the diligent scribes we wish we were, it seems apt (and far easier) to just post some of our favourites.

So what better place to start than with Rose himself? He’s just put out a second record in three months under his Charlatan moniker and it’s another beauty, picking up from where the glacial Voyagers left off. Amongst the delicate pulses and woven electronic textures, the opening track, Lime Beauty, stands out, purring and chugging its way through a dream-like ten minutes of coruscating synths and reverb drenched drum machines.

Not content with running a label and several musical projects, Rose has also had a hand in the remastering and reissue of Jurgen Mueller’s 1982 release, Science of the Sea, a record which, in it’s paean to all things aqueous, presages an awful lot of ambient and experimental electronic music from the past three decades.

Vacillating between past, present and future in both sound and name, Motion Sickness of Time Travel’s latest set has caused quite a stir with us. Following up on her brilliant debut, Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious, Rachel Evans’ new record is a powerfully hypnotic affair, embracing hushed Liz Harris-esque vocals and woozy synth washes to create a seductive, ether-haze aesthetic. Check out the eerily gorgeous video for standout track, Day Glow, as well as the whole album, below.


Image is by Carla Fernandez Andrade
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