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White Rainbow – From Now On Let’s

The new jam from White Rainbow landed in our inbox in early May and totally slipped through the net due to the horrendously packed schedule we had all month (ATP and Primavera two weeks apart!). As much as we try to keep things bang up to speed the new WR release is always worth shouting about, so, despite tardiness, here you go.

The word jam wasn’t used lightly in the opening sentence of this post. Because this LP is as thick and sticky as they come. Gone is the psychedelic cacophony of Lays The Boogie Down; here in full effect is chromed-out, blunt-heavy gangstaness – all Chevvies, palm trees and playas in high tops. Very strong contender for beat of the year with the awesomely titled Thug Dubs Mo Poppin as well. Dare you not to move to it. Go on. Dare you.

Peep it in full here, then click through to send yo props and $$$.

Image is from Barbara Crane’s wonderful Private Views series. Make sure you check out her full site here though, it’s really quite special.

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