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Ryan York (Leaving Records/Non Projects)

Hard to know where to start with this post. It goes something like this though: Ryan York makes music as Asura, but also releases stuff under his real name. His first album, as Asura, came out on the LA imprint Non Projects, but his latest EP was put out by Leaving Records under his own name. Subsequent tracks have appeared on his Asuraprojects Soundcloud with no nomenclature at all, but they’re seemingly affiliated to Non Projects. It’s all slightly confusing, but for the purposes of this exercise I’m just going to call him Ryan.

Anyway, whatever persona or label he’s operating under, Ryan makes brilliant music. His latest EP, Zipperlegs, sees him drift into the territory of his new label mates, particularly on, ‘All Our Favourite Colours’, which has the lazy flow and blissed out ambience of one of Sumsun’s finest:

The EP’s title track and accompanying video feels like a certain Baltimore four-piece, with its kaleidoscopic visuals and reverb-drenched vocals, but the urgent rhythms that slowly envelop it have a tribal feel that takes it into a less predictable territory. The same can be said for new single Sea Water which has an equally percussive bent, if in a slightly more Eastern fashion.

As well as as all this, Ryan put up a little collection of unreleased material a few months ago, which you can find below. Well worth checking out, along with many of the artists on both labels. They’re two treasure troves of forward thinking electronica, and well worth taking the time to explore…

Image is Bernard Voita.

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