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AyGeeTee – soul

We like to try and keep our output as fresh and varied as we can here at AV. However, sometimes we feel it’s right to re-tread a few already well-worn paths.  Despite having both covered and included AyGeeTee’s earlier offerings in previous posts and mixes, his recently released LP, ‘soul’, is an irrefutable career highlight and one whose praise should be hailed from the rooftops. He’s created layers of sound that are at once prismatic and fluid, at once melodic and cacophonous. Beats that raise you up into a somnambular dance of tranced-out idolatry. And a mood that I’m going to struggle to define forever.

Listen to it in its entirety here. Then purchase it for your own stipulated sum. Excellent.

Image, which almost defines the mo0d, is by Megan Cullen.

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