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Martin Arnold – Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy

A short while ago we published a couple of videos by the wonderful Belgian video artist Nicolas Provost. In response to this, a friend replied with a few links to videos by an Austrian filmmaker, Martin Arnold, who he said reminded him very much of Provost’s work (or vice versa). We watched, thoroughly enjoyed and so thought we’d post here for you to help while away a few minutes, waiting for the clock to tick down until weekend time.

Arnold takes strips of archive film and manipulates them, flipping back and forth over particular shots, repeating instances and extending time duration. By exposing shots to greater scrutiny this process reveals previously unseen narratives – individual fears, inter-personal tensions, subconscious yearnings – and involves the viewer further within the text. It also forces the viewer to investigate and deconstruct the cinematic apparatus, unearthing the inherently surreal, disturbing nature of the art form.

Granted, though, it is quite long. If you’re pushed for time I’d recommend skipping to 3.34 and watching through until 6.47. It’s like David Lynch has cast Judy Garland. Fantastic.

Image is by Eadweard Muybridge.

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