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Spectrum Spools

Two new tracks for you from Spectrum Spools, an offshoot of the consistently brilliant Editions Mego label. The project is being curated by John Elliott, of Emeralds fame, and promises to bring you the finest in forward-thinking modern music. The tracks that popped up on his Soundcloud yesterday both attest strongly to this credo.

We featured Forma’s hypnotic Forma237B on one of our Best Of 2010 compilations and now it seems it’s going to be released as part of the Brooklyn trio’s first full LP. If this track’s anything to go by, the album could be one of the highlights of the year.

The second track comes from Mist, a side project of Elliott’s that also features Radio People’s Sam Goldberg. As you might expect from an Emerald, the track maintains a futuristic aesthetic, dealing in familiarly coruscating sequencers and warm synth washes. It’s the first track from the duo’s album, House, which arrives with us in May. It’s certainly part of a roster that we’ll have our eyes on in the coming months.

The photo is by Stephan Tillmans, from a series of photographs taken of tube televisions the moment they are switched off.

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