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Warmth 4

Buds on trees, daffodils in bloom, Easter eggs on the BOGOF shelf in Tesco – plenty of seasonal signs that spring is in the air. Which means (however tenuously) that it’s time for another influx of Warmth, courtesy of the finest dance music makers currently gracing our ears. Here goes…

First up is what I’d consider to be my favourite dance track of the year so far, from man-of-the-moment Blawan’s incredible new EP on R&S, Bohla. Snapping, crackling and popping all over the place with some incredibly funky syncopated bleeps, bips, hits and kicks, it’s an absolute peach.

Blawan – Lavender

Next in line is the highly anticipated but highly surprising new single from Joy O, previously known as Joy Orbison (WHY OH WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME? IT WAS BRILLIANT!). Gone are any notions of post-dubstep trappings. Here to stay, it appears, is his own minimal take on early 90s house, stripped and funkified and made very, very good.

Joy O – Wade In

After all this exuberance I think it’s only right to balance it out with something a bit darker and nastier. Cue Bethany Skirt’s terrifying end-of-the-night industrial techno banger from her recent EP, In The Meadow Under The Stars.

Skirt – Ikaros

Up next is the new track from breakbeat revisionist Midland. A sound I (and I imagine many people) had thought to be long dead, this take on the genre seems absolutely brimming with new life and fresh ideas. Great stuff.

Midland – Bring Joy

And finally is a bit of fantastic throwback glee from the ubiquitously brilliant Ostgut Ton label, courtesy of Steffi.

Steffi – Yours (feat. Virginia)

Image is by Aimei Ozaki, found on the fantastic but does it float.

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