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Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony

There’s something comforting about tripping through Type recordings’ website. Nestled innocuously in the back catalogue of releases are luminous offerings from Grouper, Deaf Center, Richard Skelton, Machinefabriek, Aaron Martin and Yellow Swans as well as a slew of freely downloadable mixtapes and podcasts. Better still, all their releases are available to stream for free on their Soundcloud. Go there, browse, listen, spend some money.

Newly added to the catalogue today is The Terminal Symphony by Rene Hell, who was responsible for last year’s gorgeous Porcelain Opera. Check below for a few sample tracks and click here to stream the album in full.

E.S. Des Grauens in Fifths

Juliard op.66

Adagio for String Portrait


Check out the hypnotic, seizure-inducing video that accompanies E.S Des Grauens in Fifths. Brilliant.

Image is by Ed Ruscha

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3 thoughts on “Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony

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