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Peaking Lights – 936

Big new release from Not Not Fun records out today – the new LP from California neo-hippy duo Peaking Lights, 936. I first stumbled across these guys a few years ago when I was sucked into the amniotic bubble bath that is Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers and since then their name has been sacrosanct in my camp. The new album has only built on my pre-existing respect, improving the breadth of influence and expression of ideas. More and more layers of warped, reverberating keys and drifting, psyched out guitars have been slathered over the dreamy, beach-side dub that lies at the heart of their sound, making what must be the ultimate summer stoner soundtrack. I wish I was in Jamaica, man.

The album will be available to stream for a limited time only. If you like it, please support the artist by purchasing it here.

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