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One of the most glaringly obvious yet infinitely explorable facets of the internet is its power of anonymity: the freedom to express opinions without the slightest physical recompense; the possibility of existing as entirely new personae, leading alternative virtual lives. I’ll stop there though before I go all Philip K Dick and start banging on about a dystopia where you can download memories from Mediafire and where my entire personality’s been uploaded as a video on Youtube with a Gillette advert at the start of it.

The reason for mentioning this is to introduce someone who goes either by the name of AGT or AyGeeTee, depending on whether you’re listening on Soundcloud or Myspace. All other information provided has been stripped and all attempts at a definition, a style or an aesthetic have been rigorously blurred. And it’s probably for the best, as the music is generically uncategorisable, drifting in and out of beats, sometimes warm and engrossing and at points jarring and abrasive. Whatever way you look at it though, it’s pretty damn great.

Here’s a short cross-section for you to enjoy.

If you like you can listen to all his/her/their other tracks here.

Image is a design by Lebbeus Woods.

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