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Another remote vision of a sun-filled future occurrence for you here. If you happen to be London based then you’ll sure be happy to hear that the folks at Eat Your Own Ears have crafted the beginnings of another stellar Field Day. After teething problems aplenty, last year’s version cracked the formula, delivering amazing bands, decent sound levels and a bit of sunshine to boot (that’s pretty much all it takes). Taking its cues from a similarly diverse musical palette, this year’s line-up is guaranteed to have something for anyone with a pulse. Here are five acts that get ours racing:

Hype Williams’ weirdo-obscurist take on the dubstep sound has proved revelatory over the last year or so, splitting opinion about as much as they’ve re-defined the genre. There’s some real magic in their stuff though.

Hype Williams – The Throning

Always a great festival band and word has it they’ve started playing ‘Millions Now Living’ era tracks on their latest tour.  Fingers crossed for this one.

Tortoise – Glass Museum

Hypnotic chants, clattering rhythms and junkyard instruments abound from the mesmeric Congolese collective, Konono No 1:

Konono No.1 – Mama Na Bana

Here’s hoping Field Day’s previous sound issues aren’t going to be a factor this year, as every ounce of stomach curdling bass will be wanted to carry off the awesome effect of Actress’ throbbing garage techno.

Actress – Lost

And finally, here’s our paean to the weather Gods: Please let the sun shine. Go on, please. We really want to dance and bask and all make as merry as we can with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. And this will do nicely as the soundtrack.

Twin Shadow – When We’re Dancing

Image is one of John Stezaker’s brilliant collage pieces, currently on display at the Whitechapel Gallery.

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