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God Don’t Like It – The Macbeth

Pretty cool gig lined up by blogger/promoter God Don’t Like It at Hoxton watering hole The Macbeth this Saturday. Definitely one to check out if you can make it down there for the night, especially as tickets are only £5. Bargain, eh?

Headlining the night are rambunctious Dalston stalwarts TEETH, whose mix of DIY electronics, gregarious posturing and day-glo occultism should be a suitably filthy end to the evening. Stream their recently released 7″ See Spaces here (and just imagine the fun you’ll have to Time Changes once you’ve had a skinful).

Next on the bill is probably the one we’re looking forward to the most – Birmingham-based solo electronicker Seams. He’s touring round Germany in March with Gold Panda and Dam Mantle which should give you an idea of sound and quality of output. Definitely one to look out for in future…

Also playing are East London duo Drugg, whose heavyweight Oneohtrix Point Never style drones are met with arching vocals and live drums to create something almost singalong, but is instead rendered ghostly and supernatural by the constantly rippling layers of noise decay. Awesome stuff.

And finally is experimental duo Vialka, kind of like a stripped down gypsy punk band playing Deerhoof covers. Or maybe the other way round. I’m not really sure. But either way, they’ll be a lot of fun.

Image is of (you guessed it) Lady Macbeth – by English Romantic painter Henry Fuseli.

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