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Mane Mane

The achingly voguish epithet, ‘Brooklyn-based tape-only label’ is one that provokes a knee-jerk negative reaction in me. Oh, you’re only going to make 10 copies of the cassette? You’re not going to release it on a format which most people actually own? Oh good. Well the artwork looks kind of cool so that’s something, I guess, and I can say I know who the band are, which is all that matters anyway these days, right?

Well knock my blinkered pre-conceptions into a cocked hat. UUUtapes (triple you tapes) have just released Mane Mane’s first long player in both credibly out-moded and deliciously modern formats! So everyone can listen to the Atlanta duo’s wonderfully meandering electronica without having to buy a tape deck or wait for some kind soul to make a digital rip. Happy days.

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