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Warmth 3

Another instalment from the Warmth front for you now. All set in time for the big end of January weekend. Couple of great nights coming up – Trouble Vision at Corsica Studios, Balance at Plastic People. Hope this gets you in the mood.

Garage soundboards plastered all over a big house beat in this bouncy, funky number from Mancunian producers XxXy. Got to be one of the nicest build and drops of the last year in this as well. Real fun.

Big, bomping early 90s garage house grooves complete with nasty synth stabs and killer snares. Get your trigger fingers out for Bad Autopsy, bwoi.

Absolutely gorgeous bit of shimmering disco house from Ital here. Put out on the recently created 100% Silk records (a new label from the co-founder of  Not Not Fun and one half of Pocahaunted, Amanda Brown). Practically had this on constant repeat for the last few days. Got immediate classic written all over it.

I kind of think this shouldn’t work. Throwback block party vocal samples layered over what is basically budget bassline house isn’t usually something that would cut the mustard. But shit, when it’s done this well and you can’t listen to it without gyrating your shoulders around like the Churchill Car Insurance dog with ADHD and no more Ritalin you can’t really argue, can you?

Another slice of darkness from Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label here, this time from Rolando. Scratchy, percussive effects, waves of undulating drones and incredibly simplistic downtempo thuds make this the perfect urban, nocturnal soundtrack.

And here’s a brilliantly surprising bit of news to finish it off with – a teaser video to herald the release of Boxcutter’s upcoming album The Dissolve. After catching our attention a few years ago with the incredible Glyphic, 2009’s Arecibo Message was something of a disappointment. However, all seems to be set for new heights with this slice of spaced-out,  Onra-esque dopeness. Fingers crossed the album lives up to expectations.

Video for this is by the brilliant Sabrina Ratté – see more of her stuff here.

Top image is by the incredible multi-talented artist and founder of numerous fantastic online interest thingies, Folkert Gorter. Too many links to provide for this guy, so just have a Google for him and see what turns up.

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