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Green Gerry – Odd Tymes

Oh, the familiar hiss of another album recorded on a tape deck. Brilliant.

So often artists rely on this pleasantly anachronistic effect and then struggle to begin to replicate it live with their lamentably newfangled gear. Suddenly without an early 90’s Sony hi-fi to haphazardly record their vocals, the Crystal Beaches live experience becomes a bit pedestrian and shit. Quelle surprise. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the sound, but it’s becoming harder to find an artist who doesn’t use it to overtly gratuitous effect.

Not so Athens, Georgia’s, Green Gerry. Yes, the tracks are coated in that oh-so-familiar fuzz, but here it’s used to augment, rather than define the music, pairing lazy, harmony-drenched ditties with passages of atonal squall. Compare, for instance, the unsettling O O O (Full Moon) – a full seven minutes of ominous vocals and arrhythmic drumming that steadily builds into a wonderfully cacophonous wall of feedback – with opening track Ka, ka, ka, ka Maria – a short and sweet a capella track that could have been taken from under the nose of Justin Vernon. In short, the songs are intelligent, showing economy and melody in spades. They would certainly stand up live, with or without the album’s veil of haze. And it makes for a pretty refreshing listen.

Get over to his bandcamp to check his album.

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