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Warmth 2

Quick update for all a y’all on the Warmth front. Selection of five of the deepest, darkest, dirtiest underground dancefloor tracks that have recently been making our feet twitch, heads bounce and hair stand on end.

Kangding Ray – A1 Pruitt Igoe Part 1 (Rise)

Heavy minimal German techno that growls its way under your skin. On the awesome Raster Noton label.

Elgato – Blue

Introverted, spaced-out 2-step courtesy of Elgato’s debut track on Hessle Audio. Expect a lot more to come from this young British producer.

Clara Moto – Hazel

Beautiful slice of shut-your-eyes, end-of-the-night deep house. Fans of Pantha du Prince should be very excited by this one.

Caribou – Bowls (Icarus Remix)

I was pretty underwhelmed by the remix LP for Swim, but Icarus’ menacing rework, which popped up on Soundcloud yesterday, is in a completely different league.

Couple of bits of AV now for you. First up’s Kevin Gorman (who I think sounds like someone who works in IT support for a credit fraud company, but hey-ho), signed to the Berghain-owned Ostgut Ton label. Mad keen on the stuff they’ve been putting out recently (their Fünf compilations are a must-have) and this track is no exception.

And to round it off here’s a slice of absolute madness from the brilliantly named Harmonius Thelonius. American minimalism vs. African drumming vs. European sequencing. Apparently.

Image is by Swedish graphic designer Malin Bergström and is absolutely crying out to be used on someone’s album sleeve. You can see more of her great work here.

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