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Kristian de la Riva

Here’s a video I came across at the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, currently running at the ICA in London. It struck me and my companion immediately and we stood in rapt concentration, at turns wincing and guffawing, whilst it played on endless repeat.  It’s by an artist called Kristian de la Riva, who’s kindly sent me the video, as well as a few words to be included on the blog.

‘My animations focus on habitual, archetypal patterns of human behaviour where visual simplicity belies subtle layers of complexity. The characters are taken from real footage, often of myself, yet all detail is stripped away to create generic images of men or women, which is then illustrated in plain, black, line-drawn images. Such a reduction in the representation of the human form creates a playful, cartoonish edge that sits in contrast to the more serious psychological issues that unravel within the work.’

And without further ado, here you have it.

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