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Bleeding Heart Narrative – Exclusive Mix

Behold. Now is the time of darkening days. Of log fires, Bavarian markets, vastly over-priced mulled wine and obligatory top album and track lists from the soon to be over year. No self-respecting blog would be caught dead neglecting this arbitrary midwinter activity. And neither would we. So, for a full run-down of what we see as being a cross-section of this year’s musical and cinematic high points, keep your eyes on this space…

However, because we love you all so much, here’s a little added bonus. A lovingly-crafted mix of some of Bleeding Heart Narrative frontman Oli Barrett’s favourite tracks from 2010. Relentlessly shifting between dark, difficult and beguiling sounds and more poppy, lyrical and, dare I say, fun output, it’s a great way to kick off our end of year celebrations.

Merry Almost Christmas!

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