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Munch Munch – Wolfman’s Wife

I got heckled by a band on Friday. Not personally, mind; those around me were also being hounded for having the cheek to withhold their appreciation for the entertainment on offer. “Come on, why are you all so subdued?!” cried the singer, a man who has anointed himself ‘The Agitator’ and fronts a three piece faux-political rock n roll band called ‘The Agitator’.

Had he stopped to consider these facts he would probably have found the answer to his question self-evident. As it was he ploughed on ahead, eventually driving me out into the street to wait for Marnie Stern to come on, cursing the fact that I’d arrived late and missed first support act, Munch Munch, whose latest single you can find below. They’ve just released their debut album, Double Visions, on Upset the Rhythm and combine the energy and percussive drive of Islet with the meandering structures and skewed sensibilities of Gentle Friendly to wondrous effect.

I’m sure they’re an absolute joy live, but as it was I was subjected to the misguided ramblings of ‘The Agitator’. Or Derek, as he’s known to his Mum.

Buy ‘Double Vision’ here for a tenner:

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