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Evenings – North Dorm EP

At first glance, Evenings is not an artist to get too excited about. Uninspiring moniker, dreary EP title, and song names that seem to have been dreamt up by an adolescent in the aftermath of his first traumatic breakup; ‘Babe’, ‘Friend (Lover)’, ‘Goodbye Forever.’ Puke.

Fortunately, you can forgive 20 year old Nathan Broaddus these faults because the five songs on North Dorm are nothing short of stunning.  Defiantly sparse, subtle and measured, Broaddus takes elements of chip tune, trip hop, dubstep and shoegaze and melds them into a wonderfully poised and balanced record.

Stand out ‘Favourite Maze’ has the air of a track that Kieran Hebden couldn’t quite find room for on ‘Rounds’ while the questionably titled, ‘Friend (Lover)’ hangs on woozy vocal and a syncopated beat that intensifies beautifully as the track drifts towards its conclusion.

Really, really keen to see what he does next. I’d put this guy alongside Time Wharp as the most exciting young producer I’ve stumbled across this year. Hopefully inspiration will come from somewhere other than his college dormitory next time though…

Download his EP for free here, or just listen to it below.

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2 thoughts on “Evenings – North Dorm EP

  1. i’m an exciting young producer, w00t

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