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The Fun Years have got a new album coming out soon. It’s a reason for eager anticipation. Using a guitar, a piano and a lot of effects, they make some of the most stunningly beautiful music I have ever heard. I know that sounds like hyperbole. And maybe it is. But adulatory superlatives are much easier to write than balanced, nuanced critiques. And I’m feeling lazy.

To continue the lazy theme, here are some people that they sound like, to give a general idea of what they’re like and maybe make you interested in listening to them, if you don’t already know them: Fennesz; Tim Hecker; Mountains; Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Mogwai. If you don’t know any of those people but like what you hear below of The Fun Years, then this list could also prove useful for further listening. I’ve therefore carried out two tasks with one list. WOW!

I love lists. I really do. Here’s what another great list fan, Umberto Eco, has to say about them:,1518,659577,00.html

And here’s some music and some things to look at whilst it plays (although this isn’t necessarily advised – I hate visual accompaniments to this kind of stuff, much better to sit and drift off or do something whilst you’re listening to it so the task you’re carrying out is imbued with a dreaminess and can become palatable if unappealing or transcendent if already enjoyable, I only post these things so it looks shiny and interesting).

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