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Back to the Future

I’ve been looking for a peg to hang this piece on for a while. Thank heavens for Rochester’s post and his abject veneration of Flying Lotus’ latest slab of 8-bit retro-futurism (see below). Sure the video’s great, but not all producers out there can be John Coltrane’s great nephew and have two massively popular and ground-breaking albums behind them. Much less can they afford expensive animation with throwaway LOLs and dream-like aesthetics for seedy music reviewers to pleasure themselves to.

What I’m trying to say is that some people don’t get the recognition they deserve, and while I’m not doubting Pattern + Grid World’s excellence , I would like to offer up an E.P. which I believe to be fresher, darker,  more inventive, and above all, superior to its  competitor.

Time Wharp are from Atlanta and that’s about all I know. They’ve only released these five songs and, as far as I can tell, aren’t touring, have few followers and have had barely any write-ups. For all this, they’ve made a nuanced, genre-oscillating record that generously rewards repeat listens and certainly deserves to be uttered in the same sycophantic breath as Mr. Lotus’. The first video’s not bad either.

You can download the E.P., Helvetica, for free, and legally, here:

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