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I recently got sent a link to an excellent film blog, called cinemasparagus. This reminded me of a film by Susan Pitt, called Asparagus. See what I did there? Linked two words by the word ‘asparagus’. The powers of association, eh? The wonders of the mind!


This is a really great animation, made back in the day when CGI was an unknown acronym and Disney still had the power to move and entertain, rather than simply induce to participate in a franchise.  Reminds me of a Beryl Cook painting, inspired by Hieronymous Bosch, scripted by Salvador Dali and David Lynch, animated by Terry Gilliam and Walerian Borowczyk (check those references – boom). Characters slip in and out of fantastical non-spaces, following non-sequitur logical processions that break all rules of editing. Freudian and biblical imagery abound as snakes become vegetables become guns become flowers become any number of possible quasi-fallic object. The self is projected as a series of possibilities, fluctuating, masked, suggested and underlying all is a pervasively disturbing sexuality. There’s a narrative of sorts in it, too, but it’s very, very loose. Fun to find though, if you’ll give it room to breathe.

Please note, however, that it’s probably not too safe for work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

asparagus | Free Animation Videos – Watch Anima…, posted with vodpod
Image is one of Henri Michaux’s Éclatements, exercises in automatic gestural script.
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