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Summer is officially dead. It’s fucking miserable outside. Grey, damp, sodden, lacklustre, disheartened, indifferent. Sad, but conversely we’re now provided with alternative pleasures: staying indoors, getting warm, not worrying about having to be outside all the time, cosing up, board games, port by the fireplace, woolly jumpers, woolly socks, etc. It also provides an incongruous backdrop for a lot of the happy summer stuff that’s been so popular recently (lo-fi surf pop, hauntologic almost-pop, soca and dancehall inspired beats, etc.) and is more in fitting with darker, sombre tunes that just didn’t feel right when the sun was out. In step Salem, the standard bearer of the ridiculously titled Witch House movement. Dark, fuzzy, disturbing, with a streak of stilted RnB slowed down to the point of perversion. Looking forward to it making the perfect soundtrack to dark, rainy bus-rides home from the pub. Although to be honest that might be absolutely fucking terrifying.

(music doesn’t start until 1:00)

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