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There seems to be an incredible wealth of really pioneering, genre-defying electronic/dance music out at the moment. The fallout of dubstep and techno seems to have created a fertile breeding ground for everything and anything, without a pigeon hole in sight, and a lot of it’s pretty bloody great. Here’s a few choice cuts.

Warm, interlacing drones and arpeggiated synths married to a swaying, heavy/light techno beat from master of retrograde electronic sounds Luke Abbott. Check out his album, of which this is the title track, for some awesome Vangelis/Edgar Froese inspired sounds.

Sparse nervous-tick bleeps build to form shivering sets of almost melodies in this city by night Kassem Mosse track. Great video too.

Minimal techno that’s so dark and sparse it’s almost not there from Romanian producer Cosmin TRG. Seedy and disturbing but, when it properly kicks in, achingly infectious. What Berlin sounds like in my head.

Another recent Shangaan favourite, by Tiyiselani Vomaseve. Standard ridiculously up-tempo beat and brilliantly toy-like sound-board this time combined with melancholic harmonised chants to create something really special. Spreading like wild-fire this stuff now. Bound to be some nights popping up soon. So much fun.

And finally here’s Gold Panda’s awesome remix of Aslope’s ‘Close’, taken from their new Helping Hand EP. Bouncing floors.

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