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B Plus

Whether the focus is on remakes of old, trashy horror films, mockbusters riffing off the back of current trends or fanboy realisations of cinematic reveries, it’s fair to say that the B movie hasn’t been such a strong force in film for quite some time. There’s a distinct probability that the internet (that consistently double-edged sword: promotional, communicational possibilities are multiplied manifold but are restricted solely to anything novel, instantly gratifying or amusingly ironic enough to post on your friend’s wall; subtlety and intricacy need not apply) is the cause of it. At the top end we have the big budget productions such as Piranha 3D and The Expendables (B movies in all but cost) whilst at the lower end we have Asylum produced dross like Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Titanic 2 (seriously). Somewhere in the middle though there are a few sparkling gems of polished, sequined, glittering turds that sparkle in the seedy neon strip lighting of the back alley brain that spawned them. Here are a couple of trailers for ones I’m really looking forward to seeing.


Big Tits Zombie 3D

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