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Irreversible is kind of infamous for its moments of unflinching brutality and it’s a shame because the director, Gaspar Noe, is one of the most ambitious, challenging and inventive filmmakers around today. Keep your Nolans and your Aronofskys, this guy’s got the bull by the horns. Really, really, really can’t wait for his new outing, Enter The Void, although quite when it’s going to turn up we can’t be sure which is handy because the release date’s just been announced for September 24th! It’s been riddled with issues since its screening in Cannes 2009 (!) as it was deemed too long, too indulgent and too repetitive to warrant a full theatrical release (and almost everyone I know who’s seen it agrees) but personally I just do not care. Even if it’s laboured, self-indulgent and ultimately unfulfilling, I’m dead excited to see what he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it.

Here’s the US trailer which, of course, tones down the more hardcore elements of the film.

But if you want a better insight into what it’ll probably be like, here’s the opening credits and the French teaser trailer. Hard-fucking-core.

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