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Accidental Misogyny

Women played at Cargo last night. They were pretty good. Had that thing where they sound like loads of people but at the same time like none of them. It would now be possible, and it’s often the done thing, to reel off a list of influences or similarities or whatever they are. But when it’s not conducive to conveying their sound or effect it just becomes an academic exercise in proving that the author knows various reference points and therefore has some kind of authority on the subject. Which, in this case, he doesn’t. So where to go from here?

I had a few drinks with friends before the gig and then I had some at the venue before and during the show and I enjoyed the gig and felt elated and saw on the way out that they were selling t-shirts and it’s always nice to get a band t-shirt, not necessarily out of support for the band or as a statement of your cultural preferences, more so that they are quite often interestingly designed, one-off pieces and so I had a look over the ones on sale and they had this one with a blocky, quasi pop art abstract screen print design and I thought, sweet, I’ll have that so I did but when I got it home I realised that it contained the titles of the band and their new album so I now own a t-shirt that says WOMEN – PUBLIC STRAIN and I look like I’ve bought a ‘comedy’ misogynistic t-shirt from Toplad or or wherever else peddles the kind of crap t-shirts that say things like I HEART DRUNK GIRLS or I LOVE EVERY BONE IN A WOMAN’S BODY (ESPECIALLY MINE) or THE MAN (with an arrow pointing upwards), THE LEGEND (with an arrow pointing downwards). I’m not one of those. Honest.

Here are some tracks of theirs. See if you like.

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