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Haarrrrrrrrrrrr! That’s the sound of an air-horn that I’ve just let off. Why? Are we at sea? At a political rally? A Boca Juniors match? Nope. We’re at a rave in 1992. Goldie’s just over there. Check out his smiley face contact lenses! He’s mental him. Ratpack  have just done an 8 hour set and I’ve got glo-paint in my eyes and it stings but I don’t care cos this is the best time ever. Don’t care if I can’t get an erection, sex is like totally a form of capitalist exploitation. Why can’t we all just be and love each other? Oh fuck it, let’s let the horn off again. HAAAARRRRRRR!!!

Oh, but this track is so much better than just a where-were-you-in-92 throwback try-hard rip-off (no offence Zomby fans, he’s still great, but a bit of a fad, no?). Yes, its sound is totally recognisable, but that massive 2-step beat that drives it combined with all the stuff going on with the bass and the drum clicks makes it so itchingly infectious and enliveningly fresh. Ah, and the build and drop?! Dutty wind all over the place. Massive.

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