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So it’s fair to say that Anticon has been through a fairly lean patch in the last couple of years; with the noted exception of Why? the label’s output has veered between pedestrian dross (Telephone Jim Jesus, Odd Nosdam’s Time Soundtrack) and dense, scantly rewarding hip hop (Themselves’ The Free Houdini and Crowns Down).

Things have, it seems, turned somewhat of a corner though. Tobacco’s wonky samples ‘n synths affair, ‘Maniac Meat’ is a pleasingly forward thinking record and now we’re presented with Baths, who at first looks set in the same mould as many of the current crop of electro ingénues enjoying the spotlight. His beats certainly crackle and fizz with the same lopsided gait we’ve come to associate with Gold Panda or Nosaj Thing, but listening to his debut album, Cerulean, it’s clear his sound can also take on a more melodic and uncluttered bent. Whilst Aminals bounces  and clacks to a bassline so smooth G-Funk era Dr. Dre wishes he wrote it, ♥’s lilting piano line and plaintive vocals manage to supercede the patchwork of percussive ticks that underpin his sound, adding a warmth and pathos that can only propel him beyond his contemporaries.

Expect big things.

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