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Jewel in Denial

Shit, remember Jewel of the Nile? The long-awaited (alright, it came out a year after the original, but the prefix sounds good) sequel to the box office smash hit (ok, it made a bit of money but wasn’t huge) Romancing the Stone? With the scintillating on-screen partnership (fair enough, watching them kiss was like seeing puppies get crushed by logs hurtling downstream in a flash flood) of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner? YEAH?! Well, the name of this band/guy/artist/musician is a jewel as well! MENTAL.

It’s good though. Really good. Proggy and psychedelic and hypnagogic and forceful and meandering and intense and utterly unique and original whilst constantly referring back to and referencing and suggesting things you’ve heard a million times like 80s cop thrillers and budget sci-fi movies and that  kind of overblown psych-rock-jazz-fusion that you possibly hate cos your lame uncle (the one who lives in Tunbridge Wells and has a beard and African masks on his wall but always votes Tory and you always know that politics is going to come up at Christmas dinner and you hate it but you see it coming a mile away and still there’s nothing you can do about it) likes but that’s kind of what makes it great. Hippies wearing Ralph Lauren chinos and tin foil helmets and neon lycra sweatshirts and doing the robot dance to visuals by the combined psyches of Vangelis, Brian Eno and Eric Clapton. Argh, I don’t know what to think any more. And that is good.

Here are my two probable faves off their new album so far:

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